It’s never a bad time to treat yourself to a relaxing facial.
After all that we have gone through in 2020, we deserve at least one spa visit. Fortunately, there are several good facial spas right here in Singapore. In this article, we will feature the best 7 luxury facial spas which are highly rated and have been proven to provide the best facials. So sit back, relax, and check out our top picks below. 

1. Wellaholic 

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With 6 outlets in Singapore, Wellaholic is one of the most trusted names when it comes to facials. Its facial regimen, Wellafacial won the BeautyInsider Spa and Beauty’s 2018 Best Rejuvenating Facial Award. 

This anti-aging facial treatment clears acne, reduces acne scars, and removes wrinkles, leaving you with youthful flawless skin. This regimen is usually spread out across a month and includes 8 facial collagen boosts, 2 micro-needling procedures, and 2 RF V-Lifts.

Visit the Wellaholic website to learn more about their offerings and pricing. Alternatively, you can call them on or +65 8181 1814 or send them a message on Facebook.


👍Award-winning facial treatment

👍 The facial regimen is quite comprehensive

👍 Offer 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, 12-month plans

2. Cozy Spa

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Source: Cozy Spa

Operational since 2010, Cozy Spa is located in a serene 4000 square feet location in the beautiful Punggol Marina Country Club. This seaside spa has certified therapists that not only provide great facials but also some of the best massages that Singapore has to offer.

Some of their popular massage offerings include Swedish and Thai massages. This spa boasts of great amenities like a Jacuzzi, a cafe lounge, a TV room, and private couple rooms. To learn more about what Cozy Spa offers, call them on +65 6475 1110 or send them a message on Facebook.


👍 Beautiful seaside location

👍 Offers a variety of services and amenities

3. Ikeda Spa

Source: Ikeda Spa

If you want to experience an authentic Japanese spa right here in Singapore, then Ikeda is the one for you. From its warm tatami rooms to its amazing onsen baths, this spa is unequivocally all that is Japanese culture. 

Whether you go for this spa’s anti-aging facial or their customized deep hydrating one, one thing’s for sure; you will get great results and a calming experience. The anti-aging treatment costs from $158+ while the deep hydrating facial goes for at least $138+. 

While you’re at Ikeda, you can also pop into their unique contactless spa experience; a definite hit during this post circuit breaker period. For inquiries, call Ikeda through the number +65 6469 8080 or contact them via Facebook.


👍 Provides an authentic Japanese spa experience without flying to Japan

👍 Highly skilled beauty therapists to treat individual skin conditions

👍 Global Winner in the World Luxury Spa Awards for three consecutive years

4. Cecilia Westberry Beauty Spa

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From its color scheme to its friendly staff, everything about this spa is calming. Located on Blk 6, Holland Close, Cecilia Westberry offers a variety of facials. So far, their most popular services are their Hydra facial and BR facial. While the former is known to combat acne and breakouts through its hydrating power, the latter imbues anti-aging properties in your skin. 

This spa is very serious about creating customer-centric facial treatments. For comprehensive information on their pricing, visit their online price list. Alternatively, you can make inquiries through the number +65 6774 0449. Cecilia Westberry is also available on Facebook and Instagram.


👍 Offers a variety of facial treatments

👍 Provides a comprehensive price list

5. My Cozy Room

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Winner of Singapore Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2020, this spa has a cute princessy vibe to it. It feels like the place you would go with your mom or sister for a girl’s treat. In short, this is one of facial spas that embodies luxury in all its elements. It offers premium facials, customized ones, and even bridal facials.

These facials help you beat acne and dry skin, leaving you with flawless, glowing skin. It is no wonder that this spa has worked with actresses and models alike. Apart from amazing facials, this spa also does great massages. For inquiries, you can call them on +65 6732 0030 or send them a message on Facebook


👍 Award-winning services

👍Luxurious princessy ambiance 

6. Porcelain skin

luxury facial spas

As its name suggests, this spa boasts of its ability to provide its clients with flawless skin. Whether you are looking for acne treatment, hydration, repair, or a good old anti-aging treatment, Porcelain has got you covered.

With their modern technology, highly qualified therapists, and top-notch skincare products, it is no wonder that this spa has won several awards and been featured in a variety of publications. For inquiries, you can call them at +65 6227 9692 or send them a message on Facebook


👍 Great skincare products

👍Highly qualified therapists

7. Pure Tincture

Source: Pure Tincture

If you have very sensitive skin, this is the spa for you. Located in 1 Coleman Street The Adelphi #02-35, this spa only uses organic products. Moreover, it has divided its facials according to what problem a client is facing.

As such, it offers specific treatments for acne, dehydrated skin, aging skin, and sensitive skin. Another thing you will love about this spa is that it even offers customized treatments. Also, it has an online shop where it sells all its amazing skincare products. For inquiries, call Pure Tincture at +65 6337 6411 or shoot them a message on Facebook.


👍 Great facials for those with sensitive skin

👍 Have an online shop to sell their products

Ultimately, our featured luxury facial spas are the best Singapore has to offer. Not only do they ensure you end up with flawless skin, but they also give you a luxurious and relaxing ambiance. They are highly rated by their customers and many have even won awards. If you are looking for an experience you’ll never forget, try out our top picks!

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