If you are looking to order some fresh durian in Singapore, then you are in the right place. But before finding out the resources let’s just understand its fact of popularity in Singapore and the benefits of its consumption.

The popularity of durian in Singapore

The fame of durian fruit across Singapore is beyond the explanation of words. The people love this fruit as their national fruit. Despite its cultivation in a different city, Singapore gets overwhelmed with its season every year.  

The stinky, foul-smelling durian is well known as the king of fruits. The state experiences the full feast season in June till August and a minor season between December and February. The popularity of the fruit is because of its high nutritious facts and number of benefits. 

Benefits of Durian Fruit

Durian is rich in a number of vitamins, minerals, fibres, and carbohydrates. Therefore, it is excellent in revitalizing and maintaining body energy, muscle strengthening, improving blood pressure, and bowel movements. It also helps in refreshing skin and strengthening the immune system.

Other benefits include:

  • Heart rate regulation
  • Maintenance of cardiac and nervous health
  • Helps diminishing insomnia
  • A great source to boost energy
  • Better regulation of the digestive system
  • Blood pressure maintenance

Types of durian in Singapore

A variety of durian fruit is available all around the state. But the ones people prefer and appreciate are:

👉🏻 Mao shan wang
👉🏻 D24
👉🏻 Hong Xia  (red prawn)
👉🏻 Black pearl
👉🏻 Black gold
👉🏻 Mon thong 
👉🏻 Xiao Feng 

Importance of ordering Durian at home

Due to its long-lasting stink, durian home delivery is always a better option than the struggle of going out to get durian. And in the times when public transport doesn’t allow you to carry durian. Especially when the world is under a pandemic and staying home is the best option to be safe, durian home delivery service is the appropriate option to enjoy the season without travelling.

Staying home wouldn’t risk your thrill of the durian season. You can get fresh durians of your choice on your expected time at your doorstep by multiple resources, so why to get your car stink for days and risk your safety while the option of getting fresh durians is in hand.

Best places to order fresh Durian fruit 

There are several places and resources from where you can get durian fruit delivered. But we have thought to bring you the five best places which will value your time, money and expectations. And spare your time from researching the best and reliable places to order durian at your doorsteps.

1. Durian delivery [promo code below]

15 Durian Delivery Services For Fuss-Free Feasting This Durian Season

Hands down to the best delivery durian delivery service in Singapore. The durian delivery has massively improved its service over the years. It promises the quickest delivery of creamy and delicious durian within sixty minutes. The service doesn’t require any minimum order and the only facility in Singapore to offer replacements for bad durians.

The high-quality fruit hits all the right spots – creamy, rich, with a bitter complexity in its flavours. The glorious golden-yellow flesh is extremely creamy and buttery, which got us hooked picking up one seed after another. The seeds are also flat and small, which means there is proportionately more buttery custard flesh to enjoy. Additionally, it was sealed in their air-tight packets and took 2 hours to arrive after de-husking, yet we found that the taste did not pale in comparison to the husked durians we got from the other stalls. In fact, we felt that the durians here taste even better!

With the availability of a variety of durians, the prices are quite affordable. The services can be achieved via call, Facebook or website.

Durian Delivery has given Best In Singapore readers a limited 5% promo code!

Promo Code: bestinsingapore

Enter this at checkout on their website.

Tel: +90172853

2. Ah Seng Durian

One of the longest established stall in Singapore, Ah Seng Durian is undoubtedly one of the most well-known durian stall, and has gained its popularity over the years to become the hot favourite among people living in the western side of Singapore.

Located inconspicuously within a wet market, there is a sign at the entrance pointing into towards the stall lest customers might not be able to locate it. There is no dining area around as well, so customers have to queue in the narrow space to order and collect their durians. Upon ordering, I was asked whether I prefer the sweet or bitter breed. However, the sweetness was not as pronounced in the “sweet” ones I had, while the bitter ones were pretty decent, with its custardy texture, and distinctive bitter taste. However, the seeds were rather large, and the durians were less fleshy as a result.

They offer a wide variety of durians from the Mao Shan Wang, Golden Phoenix, Black Pearl, D13, D17 to the lesser known Green Bamboo and Tek Kah, sold at competitive prices. The owner, Ah Seng makes personal trips to their plantations to ensure that what they are selling at their stores are the highest quality durians. Apart from the different varieties available, Ah Seng also have an excellent quality of its durians. However, do be prepared to deal with the long queues during the peak durian season.

Address: Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre, 20 Ghim Moh Road, #01-119/122, S270020

Opening Hours:
Mon – Fri: 1.30pm – 8.30pm
Sat – Sun: 1.30pm – 6.30pm

3. Combat Durian

At Combat Durian, you’ll be served by Mr Ang, a durian seller in his 70s. He interestingly coined the name “Combat Durian” as a similar pronunciation with the word “come back”, meaning that he wishes for customers to return for more after having a delicious round of durians at Combat Durian. Although their durians are sold at a steeper price, we agree that with great price comes great quality.

order fresh durian singapore

Durians may be sold out quickly, however, customers are still able to catch their freshest batch of durians when their new batch arrive at 5pm every day. If you’re dining in, there are mineral water and even tissues provided by the stall owners at the seating area as well, albeit a rather small area along the back alley which might get hot during the day. If you don’t want the messy aftermath of durian-eating, this is one of our recommended places for dining in.

Address: 249 Balestier Road, S329714

Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 9pm

4. JoJo durian

order fresh durian singapore

Another well-known and trusted name for durian delivery is Jojo Durian. They offer high demand durians, namely, red prawn, mao shan wang, whang Zong whang, and d24 durian set with guaranteed freshness. They have weekly timeslots for delivery purposes, so it is better to check slot according to your convenience on their website before ordering.

Jojo Durian promises to serve only high quality and fresh durians worth each penny. For info of deals and services and great nutritious facts about durian fruit, you can visit their Facebook page for a better look.

5. 99 Old Trees (99老树)

Centrally located in Farrer Park, 99 Old Trees (99老树) freshly picked their durians from trees grown on rich soil in the lands of Bentong and Raub in Pahang, Malaysia.

order fresh durian singapore

One of the favourite go-to places for all things durian, what we found interesting is their omakase-style sessions (SukaWa), where durian enthusiasts get to enjoy six variants of durian ranging from the popular MSW to the lesser-known Black Thorn, as well as unlimited portions of MSW and D24 Sultan durian, house-made durian desserts such as Durian Mousse and Durian Choux. They also offer MSW ice cream which will land you in a massive durian coma! We loved the comfortable and fully air-conditioned area for dine-in, as well as the clean gloves, tissue and water provided for a pleasant durian eating experience.

The durians bear a thicker, firmer and dry flesh that isn’t very pungent to the smell. However, a bite into the creamy, golden yellow flesh reveals an intense hit of bitterness, while still retaining a nice mild sweetness to it, so that the bitter flavour isn’t too overpowering.

Hosted by their director Kevin Tan, the durian omakase session usually last within an hour, and will run every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 4pm with only 8 seats available per session. Stay tuned to their website for more updates and to place your reservations for the sessions. It is definitely the place to get unlimited fills of your favourite fruit when the cravings arise!

Address: 46 Owen Rd, #01-277, Singapore 210046

Opening Hours: Daily, 12pm – 10pm

6. Lele durian Singapore

order fresh durian singapore

This grocery store is serving quality durians to its customers in Singapore since the past three decades. The freshness and quality of lele durian with on-time delivery is worth your money. They serve a variety of durians and often offer deals in the season.

For more information regarding their service and durian products and to place your order, visit their Facebook page or website.

Tel: +65 9694 8584

7. Hau chi durians

order fresh durian singapore

The stores of hau chi durian are famous all over Singapore for their quality durians products. Their delivery service has also gained popularity because of its fantastic customer care response. The products can be ordered via Facebook page, or WhatsApp and the delivery is free over orders above 10kg.  

The service is convenient, friendly and worthy of your money and expectations.

Tel: +65 9699 6106

8. 128 durians

order fresh durian singapore

The source 128 durians is not just to fulfil your desire of fresh durians at your doorsteps, but also to let you enjoy the durian season to its fullest. They offer services of durian parties at home and make the best ice cream out of their durian fruits. If you are someone to try out different durians’ products, then this place is best for you. 

Place your orders via website or Facebook or make a call for ordering the fresh and best durian products in Singapore.

Tel: +65 8752 1280

The durian season is just around the corner, and we don’t want you to miss this season on the account of the pandemic. Therefore, we at Best in Singapore suggest you order durian at home from these amazing delivery services.

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Written by: Tan Yi Bryan


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