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What is “Halal” and why do I see this certificate or logo openly displayed in front of restaurants?

For those who may not know, “Halal” means “lawful,” or allowed in Arabic whilst “Haram” indicates foods that are “unlawful,” or not allowed. You might often see the former often and you might often hear the latter on the periphery, mentioned by Muslim individuals. This certificate guarantees that all of the menus offered is suitable for Muslim consumers and their dietary restrictions.

Is it the same as posting a “No Pork, No Lard, No Alcohol” sign?

No. It’s not. Whilst pork, alcohol and lard are considered unlawful for Muslims to consume. There might be other ingredients that may not be allowed.

Here are some examples of foods that are considered haram according to the Syariah law:

  • Alcohol
  • Poisonous or harmful plants
  • Carcasses or meat from animals that were not slaughtered correctly in the Islamic tradition
  • Dogs or any part of a dog
  • Pigs or any part of a pig

 The significance of a Halal Certification is that officials from MUIS (Singapore’s Muslim Association) have done comprehensive research on all the inventories being sold to ensure that all foods are safe to consume according to religious standards. 

However, it is up to the discretion and conscience of Muslim consumers themselves to discern what they choose to eat. Thus, there are those who might be willing to eat at a non-Halal certified restaurant like a dessert or salad place that sells only vegetarian dishes and many more. 

To educate yourself on what Halal might mean, read the link here

So, if you’re Muslim or intending to bring some Muslim friends for a meal, check out our list on 30 HALAL-certified restaurants in Singapore as of 2020. 


1. Citrus By the Pool

Image Credit: Nick Blitzz (here)

Yes, you guessed it. It’s a literal café by the pool since it’s located in Woodlands Swimming Complex. This restaurant is perfect after you’ve had a nice swim with your friends and family. Fill your tummy with their Western-centered dishes of a wide range of pasta, burgers (the Big Boss for the big carnivores), drinks, and desserts. 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address3 Woodlands Street 13, 
Woodlands Swimming Complex, Singapore S738600

2. Fusion Spoon at Woodlands

Image Credit: Seth Lui

Only recently certified halal on May 2019, this restaurant serves a wide range of western food like their scrumptious egg benedict, agio olio to a bingsu. Each for under $10. This garden-themed café serves as a beautiful backdrop for all kinds of guests without putting a hole in your pocket. 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address785E Woodlands Rise,
Singapore 735785

3. Rasa Istimewa Waterfront Restaurant

Rasa Istimewa Woodlands Waterfront Restaurant: Photo 18 of 31
Image Credit: Hungry Go Where (here)

Placed on top of a jetty, the establishment offers you a special experience that you can’t always get in Singapore. This restaurant serves Chinese-Malay fusion cuisine from Szechuan Hot&Sour soup, Sambal Ikan Pari (Stingray) to Babat (Beef Tripe) Satay to a local favourite, BBQ Crab! 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook 
Address6A Admiralty Road West,
Singapore 757445


4. Mukshidonna

Mukshidonna - Journey to the East for Glorious Korean Rice Cakes
Image Credit: MissTamChiak (here)

In Korean, Mukshidonna translates to Eat(Muk), Rest(Shi), Pay(Don), Leave(Na) which is what most customers tend to do in a delicious restaurant. Korean food lovers out there would recognize the menu just by looking at this picture, from a mile away. Yes, its budae jjigae or army stew, a rich red spicy broth full of whatever ingredients that you can find, or what is sold to you. In this case, they have rice and fish cakes, different meat soup bases and other savoury toppings.  

Official PagesFacebook |Instagram
Address1 Pasir Ris Close, E!Avenue
Market Square @ Downtown East

5. Penny University

Penny University, Singapore - Frankel - Menu, Prices & Restaurant ...
Image Credit: TripAdvisor (here)

If you love breakfast foods, this café is perfect for you as they bring artisanal coffee to the East Coast. A mecca for cult coffee-lovers, this place will not disappoint when you pair their espressos with their Turkish Eggs or their Moroccan Baked Eggs or their cured meat sandwiches. The list goes on and on… 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address402 East Coast Rd, 
Singapore 428997

6. Badoque Café

Image Credit: Badoque Café Official Instagram page (here)

For a taste of fusion cuisine, of Mediterranean, Asian, Western, this menu is for you. A particular favourite of mine is their grilled octopus starter – their Chili Chuka, which is great for anyone who wants to try octopus. 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address298 Bedok Rd
Singapore 469454

7. FlavourFlings

Image Credit: Flavour Flings Official Instagram page (here)

FlavourFlings claims that they are the first purveyors of the salted egg croissant phenomenon and honestly, I am not surprised because the croissant is that good. I live in the West and I travel all the way for this goodie. However, that’s not all they offer. They have Raclette Cheese dishes with Chicken Cutlets or cheeseburgers. Wanting to try out odd combinations? Try their Milo and Chicken Pops with sambal belacan mayonnaise! Flavour flings is sure to offer you an experience worthy of their name.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address121 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 530121


8. The Halia 

Image Credit: The Halia (here)

In my opinion, this restaurant has the most beautiful view and landscape on this list. The prices are steep at this establishment but it has one of the highest quality Halal-certified dishes served here in Singapore. If you’re planning a romantic date night at somewhere fancy, you should consider the Halia!

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address1 Cluny Road, Ginger Garden, 
Singapore Botanic Garden

9. The Dim Sum Place 

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: The Dim Sum Place Official Instagram page (here)

If you’re ever curious about Tim Ho Wan offers, try out a halal dim sum at this restaurant. Their Ten Wonders or Angelica Medicinal duck is definitely something you have to order because it’s rather difficult to find halal-certified duck dishes here in Singapore. From their Siew Mais to their salted egg custard buns to all types of baos and dumplings, you might just want to order everything just for a taste so make sure to bring a friend along!

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address791 North Bridge Rd, Singapore 198759

10. Wanderlust Lounge

Wanderlost Lounge: Halal rooftop bar in the CBD with mocktails ...
Image Credit; Coconuts (here)

Used to be called the Atap Bar, this rooftop bar is the only halal-certified one you can find in Singapore. If you want a unique dinner experience, this is the place you should consider!

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
AddressRealty Centre,
15 Enggor Street
Singapore 079716

11. Fika Swedish Café and Restaurant 

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Fika Café Official Instagram page (here)

Fika Swedish Bistro holds a special place in my heart as they offer such beautiful and simple dishes, all in a cosy and bright environment. IKEA meatball lovers will enjoy Fika as they offer a more substantial and a better-quality version of a classic dish. Their desserts are also something to look forward to such as their crepes and their salted caramel waffle.  

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address257 Beach Rd,
Singapore 199539

12. Positano Risto 

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Positano Risto (here)

This restaurant is famous for its handmade and innovative pasta. Their truffle and mushroom risotto is amazing for those who crave the umami taste that isn’t Japanese cuisine. Visit Positano Risto to try a taste of Positano, a town in Italy here in Singapore.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address66 Bussorah St
Singapore 199479

13. Carousel Buffet

Image Credit: Carousel (here)

Free-flow seafood galore! However, do note it’s not that cheap to visit this hotel’s buffet. For a visit that’s sure to fill your stomach with delicious foods of all cuisines, Carousel is the restaurant you should consider.

Official PagesWebsite 
AddressRoyal Plaza on Scotts,
25 Scotts Road, 
Lobby Level, 
Singapore 228220

14. Chix Hot Chicken

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Chix Hot Chicken Official Instagram page (here)

American Food mavens will be sure to know what Nashville Hot Chicken is. Well, lucky for us, we don’t have to travel all the way to the States to have a taste of this scrumptious dish. Founded by our local superstar, Taufik Batisah, this restaurant is out there to impress with their mouthwatering fried chicken, on its own, in a burger, or on top of waffles. Chix also offers mind-blowing milkshakes that taste like melted ice cream and many more.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address1 Jln Pisang, Singapore 199069

15. The Malayan Council

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: The Malayan Council Official Instagram page (here)

The Malayan Council is famous for their Ondeh-ondeh cakes and their Beef Ribs Roti Kirai. TMC offers an upgrade to traditional flavours as they have genius ideas to put Kobe beef on mac and cheese and changing the classic Chili Crab to Chili Lobster. TMC is the perfect place to bring your makciks and pakciks who aren’t adventurous as they can have a taste of café food without going out of their comfort zone.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address71 Bussorah St Singapore 199484  
22 Dunlop St Singapore 209350
10 Winstedt Road Singapore 227977

16. FatPapas

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: FatPapas Official Instagram page (here)

Burgers are a classic establishment of American Cuisine. A halal version of the famous FatBoys, this place offers huge stacks of meat in between burger buns and fries that perfectly complement them. If you have carnivore friends, Fat Papas is the best place in Singapore for them to try.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address17 Bali Ln, 
Singapore 189853

17. Noosh Noodle Bar and Grill

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Noosh Café Official Instagram page (here)

From their website,

NOOSH showcases specially crafted contemporary fusion menu that goes beyond regular dining, challenging boundaries with food concoction and exciting senses, all while maintaining unique traditions.

Every time I visit Noosh I am impressed and every single time I visit I get their Cempedak or Durian Crème Brulee which is really the best version of desserts that use these local fruits. At Noosh, you must seriously try their Noosh style Tiger Prawns which you might just want to order multiple plates of.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address Esplanade Mall,
8 Raffles Avenue,
Singapore 039802

18. Royz Et Vous

Image Credit: Royz Et Vous Official Instagram page (here)

This is another spot that is sentimental to me as they offer wonderful Western dishes that has never disappointed. Many Muslim couples must have heard of this place as it’s often full of them. REV is certified halal and certified romantic, so make sure to drop by with your loved one for a wonderful dinner. 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address137 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068602
Located opposite Thiam Hock Keng Temple


37 Sultan Gate.
Singapore 198485

Black Hole Group

Note: STACK, Santap, and the Great Mischief (by the Black Hole Group) has closed indefinitely

19. Afterwit Mexican Taquiera

Image Credit: The Black Hole Group (here)

There aren’t many Mexican taquerias in Singapore, let alone being Halal certified. So, if you want some amazing halal tacos, this is the place for you. With tacos, burritos and nachos, their dishes are sure to blow your wits away.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address778 North Bridge Road
Singapore 198746

20. The Mad Sailors British Kitchen

Image Credit: The Black Hole Group (here)

Just from the name of this place, you already know what they’re going to serve and it’s so tasty. Their fish and chips here put many other halal fish places (ahem, Long Johns) to shame.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address24 Haji Ln, 
Singapore 189217

21. (Working Title) Burger Bar 

Image Credit: Seth Lui (here)

There are tons of halal burger places in Singapore especially in the Central area but this place should definitely be on the top few you have to try. More than just burgers, this establishment has THE tater tots. The best part they put TRUFFLE on them. They even put these potato bites of heaven in their burgers. 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address783 North Bridge Rd, 
Singapore 198751

22. Tipo Pasta Bar

Image Credit: The Black Hole Group (here)

Delicious pasta, period. ‘nuff said.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address785 North Bridge Rd, 
Singapore 198753


23. Isuramuya Japanese Restaurant

Image Credit: Isuramuya Official Facebook page (here)

If you love Japanese food and unfortunately you live in the West region, you might think that you might be missing out but luckily, Isuramuya is here for you. Their spicy miso ramen is one of the best ramens I have tried here in Singapore and that says a lot. I usually order Takoyaki too and it works with any order you make here. This restaurant also offers a small selection of Japanese groceries so if you want to make some of these dishes at home, you might be able to do so too! 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
2 Jurong East Central 1, 
Singapore 609731

24. Brio

Image Credit: Brio Official Page (here)

Brio is a diamond in the rough in the West region. This café has amazing mains that stand out amongst halal restaurants in Jurong Point. Their 36-hour Ragu Tagliatelle and Seafood cataplana linguini (above) is one of the few you should try if you ever visit the restaurant.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
AddressJurong Point
1 Jurong West Central 2,
Singapore 648886

25. Lynn’s Cakes

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Lynn’s Cakes Official Instagram page (here)

Serving a range of desserts, Lynn’s speciality here is their tall slices of cakes that taste as decadent as they look. Lynn’s cakes are famous during special events but if you’re in the area, stop by their café for slices of cakes, other desserts and coffee. The café has a beautiful ambience that you can just chill out alone or with your friends.

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address11 Eng Kong Terrace, 
Singapore 598983

26. Time For Thai

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Time for Thai Official Instagram page (here)

When it’s Time for Thai food, it’s time for thai food. Located near Beauty World, this restaurant is sure to keep sate your spicy and sour cravings. 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
Address15 Cheong Chin Nam Road 
Singapore 599739

27. Sora Boru

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Sora Boru SG Official Instagram page (here)

The dons at Sora Boru are surprisingly delicious despite you might think you know how it tastes. If you’re wanting a quick Japanese meal at Jurong East, Sora Boru is perfect for you. 

Official PagesFacebook |Instagram
AddressWestgate, 3 Gateway Dr,
Singapore 608532
313 Orchard Rd,
Singapore 238895

28. Hanok

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Hanok Official Instagram page (here)

Conveniently located next to Sora Boru, this restaurant offers delicious halal Korean food. The price here is quite steep but for their rolled omelettes and their potato pancakes, it’s definitely worth the penny.

Official PagesFacebook |Instagram
Address3 Gateway Dr, Westgate
Singapore 608532


29. Hanssik (previously Daessiksin) Korean BBQ Buffet

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: Hanssik (here)

Whilst Seoul Garden has been the main purveyor of halal K-BBQ for a long time now, Hanssik (which was used to be Daessiksin before some of the stores decided to register for Halal certification) is definitely rising up to the ranks. Mostly located in the West, this KBBQ! Spot offers fewer varieties compared to Seoul Garden but the cheaper price point and simpler flavours keep customers coming, especially growing secondary school students who need the nutrition. 

Official PagesWebsite | Facebook |Instagram
AddressClementi Mall
3155 Commonwealth Ave W, Singapore 129588

West Mall
1 Bukit Batok Central Link,
Singapore 658713

Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Pl,
Singapore 397628

30. Fatty Bom Bom

halal certified restaurants
Image Credit: (here)

The recommendations on this list are definitely on the pricier side of things. So, I’ve decided to end off with a classic: Western food that you can find at food courts or at hawker centres you can find under your block. Before cafes, if you want Western food – fries and burgers, pasta, chicken steaks – you’d have to go to McDonald’s or other fast food places OR you could just get them at the hawker centres where everyone in the family could eat whatever they wanted.

 Fatty Bom Bom is just that, but their servings are even better. You get so much in one serving sometimes I do double-takes to my receipt because I just can’t believe how much I’m getting for what I paid for.

Fatty Bom Bom has multiple stores here on our island so you might just recognize them. All their locations are certified halal and it’s Muslim owned so you definitely can enjoy without worry whenever you find them.

Official PagesFacebook |Instagram


  • 526 Jurong West St 52, S(640526)
  • 273C Punggol Place, S(823273)
  • 207 Bukit Batok St 21, S(650207)
  • 494 Tampines St 45, S(523494)
  •  506 Bukit Batok St 52, S(650506)
  • 167 Woodlands St 11, S(730167)
  •  978 Toa Payoh North, S(319001)
  • 36 Chai Chee Ave, Ansar Garden S(461036) 
  • 24 Leng Kee Rd, Autopoint S(159096) 
  • 365B Upper Serangoon Road Hougang Meadow, S(532365)
  • 505 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, S(560505)
  •  731 Yishun Street 72, Inside Fortune Supermarket | Fattybombom Junior, S(760731)

Phew, this was a long list to write but do note there are tons more of halal establishments here in Singapore – restaurants, hawker stalls, home-based businesses and bakeries. It’s all a matter of research and exploration. The ones that we’ve listed here are those that we have personally tried and tested, to give our readers the most genuine recommendations. The list is non-exhaustive so make sure to leave a comment of other Halal establishments you’d like to be on our next list!

Happy halal food hunting!

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Written by: Sarah Suprat


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