Kafve Coffee provides freshly-brewed specialty coffee delivery right to your doorstep! They make use of the finest, specialty grade beans so that you can enjoy café-standard coffee in the comfort of your home. Interested? Read more on our in-depth review of Kafve Coffee’s wide selection of drinks.

Cold Brew

Kafve Coffee uses a specialty coffee blend of Brazil Cerrado and India Monsoon Malabar. This winning blend is a crowd favourite among our Best In Singapore team. We love the perfectly balanced flavour profile of their classic cold brew; not overly acidic, extremely clean, and incredibly refreshing!

They steep and brew their cold brew with water for a good 10-12 hours. The result is incredibly worth it! If you’re a fan of a full-bodied coffee that is both smooth and refreshing, then order from Kafve coffee today!


Hojicha is roasted green tea.

When you twist open a bottle of Kafve Coffee’s Hojicha, you’ll be hit by a delightful fragrant and almost floral-like scent of roasted tea leaves. However, when you taste it, the tea flavour is actually not too strong. It has a very subtle roasted tea flavour, and is more creamy than refreshing. If you are not a true-blue tea lover but is looking for a drink with a tiny kick of caffeine, then Kafve Coffee’s Hojicha is the one for you.


Matcha! We Singaporeans really do love Matcha. The earthy, bitter-tasting drink is the latest trendy fascination amongst foodies everywhere due to its delightful taste as well as its health benefits.

What we love about Kafve Coffee’s Matcha drink is that its not overly sweet unlike many other cafe’s versions in Singapore. It is rich, milky and creamy. What more can you want?

Cold Brew Tonic

This one is an interesting one. None of our Best In Singapore team members have come across a drink as unique as Kafve Coffee’s Cold Brew Tonic.

Imagine the combination of soda + coffee. That’s how the Cold Brew Tonic tasted like. Cold brew tonic is composed of Kafve’s signature cold brew and tonic water.

Although an acquired taste, it was strangely addictive!

Important tip though… Do not shake before opening!

Yuan Yang

Yuanyang is a popular beverage that originated from Hong Kong. It is made of a mixture of three parts coffee and seven parts Hong Kong-style milk tea.

If you’ve never tried Yuan Yang, we strongly recommend trying Kafve’s version! This was definitely one of our favourites; so creamy and not too bitter!

All in all, if you’re not a huge coffee drinker but just looking for an extra bit of caffeine to help you power through your day, the yuan yang is the perfect pick-me-up!

Dark Cocoa

Amongst the non-caffeine drinkers in the Best In Singapore team, everyone chose Dark Cocoa as their overall favourite.

You can really taste the strong cocoa flavour in this drink. It is not overly sweet, and also not unpleasantly gluggy. Would be a perfect choice for kids too!


It’s no secret that chocolate and coffee are an absolute perfect pairing. As a chocolate and coffee lover myself, Kafve Coffee’s Mocha drink really hits the spot.

Perfect to satisfy the chocolate cravings!

Cold Brew with Milk

If you need a strong dose of caffeine, but do not particularly love the blunt bitterness of the flavour of coffee, this drink will be your new best friend.

Their cold brew is made even more mellow with the addition of milk. Very enjoyable and easy to drink throughout the day!

Cold Brew with Oat Milk

One thing we love most about Kafve Coffee is that they carry three milk options: soy, almond, and oat milk. Thus, if you’re lactose-intolerant or simply prefer non-dairy alternatives, Kafve Coffee got your back!

Kafve Coffee delivers on two fronts: flavour and convenience. They provide free delivery islandwide on any 2 bundles ordered, and is the perfect go-to service to sort out your weekly caffeine needs. Definitely recommend!

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Kafve Coffee

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